THE MIGHTY BOOK OF BOOSH is an oversize, full-color collection of mostly the same subject matter as the British comedy television show, ‘The Mighty Boosh’. The show was on between 2004-2007 and featured Julian Barratt as ‘Howard Moon’ and Noel Fielding as ‘Vince Noir’. Theirs was an hallucinatory world, where gorillas and other beasts talked, strange characters lurked in the forests, and conversations were often mind-spinning. There was singing, dancing, and all kinds of antics. They really went all-out on the book – the hardcover is glossy and embossed. They included a detailed list of contents as well as an index and an inserted 16-page comic called THE MIGHTY BOOSH IN BONGO NIHONGO.

Although the show was broadcast on television, this is very much an adult book with much swearing and sexual references.

If you love the show (as I do!) then you will really enjoy this romp through sketches, behind the scenes photos, and those great ‘crimps’!

The book is a hodge-podge of colorful drawings, photos, handwritten lists, and preliminary sketching of designs incorporated into the show. There are a few new stories too. I think every character that was ever on the show is represented in some form, even my favorite: Tony “This Is An Outrage!” Harrison. Besides Howard and Vince of course, there’s Bob Fossil, Naboo the Enigma, Bollo, Ol Gregg, Dixon Bainbridge and his Mutants, etc.

Not all of it works: some of the sizing made a couple of journal pages unreadable (you could use a magnifying glass!) and a small amount of ideas aren’t really interesting, but for 95% of the book I was greatly amused and happy that so much of the show was recalled to mind.

If you consider yourself a fan you should NOT be without this book!



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